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League matches have resumed !

                 Indifference, Ignorance and Incompetency !
(The views expressed in this article are the author's.
 It is not the official view of the MHVTA (unofficial thoughts-yes,official view-no !!)
Is it really possible to keep your eyes on the ball when you have to keep your eyes on the cracks ?

Read the above article in The Kingston Daily Freeman (yes the same newspaper that virtually ignored the 2015 Ulster Tennis Tournament but chose to cover the Ulster Ladies Golf Tournament in great depth and even the (and this is a fact) the Kingston Beach Volleyball tournament ! )

The article describes the political machinations and snickerings that have virtually made the tennis court renovation at Forsyth Park come to a standstill. This ,despite the $20,000 donation (and a recent extra $5000 pledge) by tennis benefactor Mr. Ron Woods,the fund collecting efforts by MHVTA( including their financing and converting 2 tennis courts into a parking lot  at Forsyth Park ),the generous contribution by League Players and the possibility of a wispy USTA grant.

At the present time,the proceedings concerning court renovations have grinded to a halt ( though we get reassurances that everything is 'progressing as planned'.)
So to justify the title of this article:
1. Indifference: The Forsyth Tennis Courts have been in disarray for years. They are part of Forsyth Park. Yet authorities have been indifferent to it. They spent a lot of money in rebuilding the children's park  which we agree was a worthy project but which was in less of a state of disrepair than the tennis courts but had more of a voting bloc and thus more politically beneficial and made all the bigwigs look good and worthy-the bigwigs who even forgot that the tennis courts were part of the park ! In contrast,Saugerties had tennis courts renovation as part of their Cantine Field upkeep project and passed it in their budget without any political juggling.This is remarkable in a town,like Saugerties, where baseball and softball are more popular than tennis,but it shows that they consider tennis courts as part of their parks.

2. Ignorance: The person in charge of the Forsyth Park renovation says in the news article that he was  'not aware of the donation' made by Mr. Woods ! The donation was the main impetus to get the courts renovated and the person in charge was unaware ?!?

3. Incompetence: No need to elaborate on that !!

We can see why a political outsider like Donald Trump is surging at the polls. 
People are fed up by bureaucratic bungling by political insiders and are desperate for a savior
-even if his name happens to be President Trump !!!


              3 tips to hit the ball on the rise
Agassi made it famous and now virtually every top pro does it 80% of the time. Hitting on the rise means hitting the ball sometime after it bounces and before it starts to fall. The advantages of this are many: since you hit the ball a fraction of a second earlier it also steals time from your opponent,you can use the balls kinetic energy and increase the pace of your shot (since the kinetic energy reduces as the ball starts to fall ) and since you have to  hit the ball with a closed face,you can hit it harder and still keep the ball in.
Here's how to do it:

1. Rhythm: From 'bounce-racquet back -hit' it becomes 'bounce-hit'.
Try saying,'Bounce- hit' to develop the rhythm
2. Closed racquet face: Since the ball is going to scurry off your strings keep a slightly closed racquet face.
Image result for Closed racquet face                              
3. Prepare early: As soon as you determine which side the ball is traveling to (forehand or backhand),take your racquet back and wait for the ball. Once it bounces hit the ball before it peaks.
Hit the ball as it travels upward and before it peaks
     Food for thought for League Players
League Players never discriminate against opponents. Though the object is to beat the player on the the other side of the court,there is a mutual sense of respect regardless of physical,religious and cultural differences.
 But when an opponent walks on the court, sometimes players rush to judgement based on the opponent's appearance: e.g. apparel,equipment,shoes,racquet bag etc; when the focus should be on the opponent's tennis skills.
With the raging debate on racism,after the recent church shooting, here is an interesting video on how we view appearances :

            Saugerties Tennis Courts to get makeover 
                ( while Forsyth Park still has not installed windscreens....)
It's official. The Saugerties Town Board approved the budget for resurfacing the Saugerties tennis courts. Even though  a sports town, tennis is not the most favorite sport in Saugerties. However there are enough people who use the courts and the town decided to repair and re-surface the courts. Bids have been received and work is scheduled to start as soon as the money is appropriated.
                                        In contrast,Kingston courts don't even have wind screens up on the courts post-Memorial Day ! 

  Forsyth Park

                    Lisa Carbone serves notice !
Why is Lisa Carbone not wearing a hat in the picture above ? It's because she has thrown her hat in the ring ! With her new, improved forehand and serve she is a force to contend with in the Mid-Hudson Tennis League. Email her if you want toi set up a match against her !

         The ones who decided not to  watch 
      pay-per-view boxing to help Project Nepal !

With Coach Saif Ali
With Coach Samantha Goodluck

                You made them so very happy....
                               Thank You

  Thank you for supporting Project Nepal !
A special thanks to Ed Fondiller (Total Tennis owner) and James Steinberg/Matt Canzonetti ( HVIT owners) for letting us use their tennis courts for free.   
                Keep the faith in your tennis skills !
                    Keep the date in your calendar !!

When:Sunday 5/3/15
Time: 5-7 pm
Where:Total Tennis (meet outside on the hard court by the parking lot)
Fee: $25.00
( Every penny goes to earthquake relief)
See you there !!

                       Not their fault.....
Earthquake survivors in Nepal need your help
Nor his......

       Project Nepal Tennis Clinic
Where: Total Tennis
When: Sunday 5/3/15
Time: 5-7 pm  
Fee: $25.00 ( ALL the money goes for earthquake relief )

See you there,League Players !

                           Project Nepal  
All they can do is look for your help...........

Tennis is not all fun and games. Sometimes League Players can play tennis AND make a difference in people's lives .
The MHVTA along with Hudson Valley Indoor Tennis ,Total Tennis and Saif Ali ( see article below),have joined hands to help the devastated people of Nepal,a tiny country at the foot of the Himalayas, which was recently hit with a catastrophic earthquake.
We are conducting a tennis matchplay/clinic event. For a fee of $25.00 ( every penny going to Project Nepal), you can play tennis and get great coaching tips from the best pros in the area.

Our friends at HVIT/Total Tennis have donated courts for free and all the pros have donated their time and expertise.

How many times have you played tennis while helping 
the down trodden at the same time ? Now is your chance......

            Please contact            n                                   *****************************************
                Tennis Coach with a pedigree
Saif Ali comes from a family of famous tennis players
Does Saif Ali have  great tennis genes or what ? His father coached top players in India including multiple Grand Slam champion Leander Paes. His uncle was India's legendary Davis Cup captain and coach for several years coaching tennis greats like Vijay Amritraj and Ramesh Krishnan. His cousin was India's top player on the international scene and later Davis Cup captain. 

Saif himself has trained with top pros and is an accomplished player.
                                      And,now, he is in town looking to teach you tennis this summer before he travels south for the winter. 
League Players : Do not miss this opportunity to get lessons from Saif Ali. He can be reached at
or by phone : 917 873 0472 .
          Ageless rivalry ( but don't ask their ages)
Perennial Ulster County champion with friend and tennis rival.                                  
(Note:Perennial Ulster County champion,Wayne Schaeffer, is on the right)
                        Coach of the Year
                       Guillermo Ripoll-Brenot   

 As a collegiate player Guillermo led his team to four conference titles, three regional championships, and three NAIA National Championships.

Guillermo Ripoll-Brenot ,originally from Argentina, has a great track record in tournament play with stellar performances. Apart from a 100+ mph serve he has a great South American one-handed backhand. He has an undefeated record in the Ulster County Tennis Tournament,though his appearance in the French Open is subject to debate.
Our own Ambassador Francine Wizner raves about him as he helped her rise from a C player to a competitive B player.
 Just his achievement with the Ambassador is sufficient reason to name him Coach of the Year.
Guillermo teaches at Total Tennis and is accepting the challenge to take your tennis to the next level.
Like him on Facebook and call him for your next tennis lesson.
You are GUARANTEED to improve !
                  The Terminator Part 2 has a new foe......
David White aka The Terminator Part 2 has reason to look worried !
                        ..........Introducing The Jayminator !!      
The Jayminator Jihyuk 'Jay' Han
                            Tennis in the shadows (....again)
This pile of wood chips (above) casts a gigantic shadow beside the Forsyth Park tennis courts. For those who think the town is working on its promise to renovate the tennis courts,think again. These chips are for the mega restoration of the aging ( but not dilapidated) Kinderland park next door. Meanwhile the aging ( and dilapidated) tennis courts(below) remain a silent spectator. 
To be fair,the MHVTA is working on plans to start renovating the courts in the near future. 
However this pile of wood chips is a stark reminder why tennis and tennis players are considered by authorities to be just a pile of ..never mind.
                         Court Time
With the advent of the scholastic season,here is an overview of court usage ( or court denial to League Players) for the coming weeks*:
*A few pointers:
1. On HOME game days (marked in red) courts will not be available from 3 pm to dusk
2. On AWAY games (marked in black) courts will be available all day
3. On all other days courts will not be available till 5 pm due to practice.
4. Kingston High courts will be unavailable till 5.30-6.00 pm on practice days.
5. Courts are available during weekends and during the day
6. Some 'hidden'courts like Loughran Park(Kingston), Hurley Park(Hurley) and Andy Mill Park (Woodstock) are always available and not used much.

1. Kingston





























4. Forsyth Park 


Mon 04/20/2015






                   Good cop,bad cop

The police have been getting a bad rap these past few months. 
To reverse that trend we asked the advice of a canine police sergeant stationed at New York's Grand Central Station to help League Players. 
Watch his demo below and let this good cop make you a bad cop on the tennis court:

1. Always be alert:

Never let your guard down. Be alert and on the lookout for opportunity to attack.

2. Recognize:
Sharpen your skills by playing more matches and attacking tennis. This will help you recognize when your opponent is vulnerable.

3. Get ready to pounce:
Make your move : Go to the net or hit a drop shot/lob/passing shot/hard ground stroke -anything to  finish the point.

By being alert and always waiting for opportunity,you can change the context of the game in your favor.

        Empty courts (gasp !) on a 60 degree Sunday !!!
Until The Terminator arrives...
Greg Tellier aka The Terminator wants to lead by example....
Says he:"The League has officially started !
Get on the court and play !!"

When to play a let (...and when not to)

A let is generally a serve or point played over due to interference.

1. Serve let: This is the commonest form of a let. When a serve hits  the net and then rolls into the correct service box,it is a do-over of the serve in question..

2. First serve : If  interference occurs during a second serve causing an undue delay then the server gets two serves.

3. Any interference when the server has started the service swing entitles the server to 2 serves.

4. Ball interference: If a ball or other object rolls into the court during play interfering with play,either player can call a let and the server is entitled to 2 serves. (Remember it has to interfere with play. When your opponent has a put away shot at the net,and a ball rolls behind him,you could call a let but most people would not as the ball would not have interfered with the put away shot.)

5. Player : If a serve hits the net cord and hits a player or his partner on the fly,it is a let. 

When not to play a let:

1. Outside interference: As in loud spectators,babies crying or  sirens going off.

2. If a serve hits the receiver or partner (without hitting the net first) the point goes to the server.

3. If a ball rolls on the court between 1st and 2nd serves: As per USTA rules,the time taken to clear a ball from the playing area is not considered basis for getting two serves.

4. If the event did not actually interfere with play. 

5. If an out call is reversed,the player who made the wrong call loses the point. ( 'Let's play it over' is against the rules. )
   This never happens to our Super Senior League Players.....

      Super Senior sign ups in progress for the
              2015 Mid Hudson Tennis League . Please sign up soon !                               

How to make things happen on the tennis court
There are 3 types of tennis players:
Those who don't know what happened,
Those who wait for things to happen,
And those who make things happen.
Even though most matches are won on the number of errors rather than winners, the 'winningest' players turn things around to their advantage. They play a proactive instead of a reactive role in deciding their fate. In other words they take their game to their opponent and challenge them to play better. They do not wait for their opponent to make an error-they force them to.This is especially true in the closing stages of a match or when the match is evenly poised.

1. Go for it : 
Take a chance randomly

 Every now and then try to hit an ace or a winning return. This is a good strategy to tilt the scales. You might just hit the perfect shot and win an important point.
2. Keep your opponent on the move: 
Wear down your opponent

You will be testing his/her conditioning as well as not letting them set up for a shot.
3. Get to the net:
Play the net when you get your opponent on the run

Send the message: "Pass me if you can'. Even if you do get passed it will still put pressure on your opponent to come up with the shot.

4. Don't play defensively : 
Defensive tennis can lose tight matches

Play to win rather than not to lose.
Hit with intent. As you hit more aggressive shots many of them will go in and force errors from your opponent.
5.Body language: 
Bad body language
Good body language
Theories abound regarding how this works but it does. Pumping yourself up on court will keep you playing aggressively.

 Don't wait and hope for your opponent's error. Go and get it !!
             An impassioned plea from Roger Federer

                  2015 Tennis League Brand Ambassador
 Brand Ambassador Francine Wizner ( Sponsored by Bolle)
                 What is wrong with these pictures ?

Correct answer : Tennis courts with NO tennis players.

League Players,let's populate the tennis courts this year by playing in the 2015 Mid Hudson Tennis League !!
to register.

           2015 Mid-Hudson Tennis League  
FLEX LEAGUE: Play when and where you want !!

4 events: Singles/ Doubles/ Mixed Doubles/Challenger*
4 divisions: Men/Women/Mixed/Super Seniors
4 levels: A/B/C/Challenger*
1 league:
The 2015 Mid Hudson Tennis League
Signups start: March 25, 2015
Matches begin: April 15, 2015
Matches end : November 1, 2015
Fee: $20.00 per person (unlimited events)
Payable to: Mid Hudson Valley Tennis Association
                    48, Dewitt Mills Road, Hurley, NY 12443
Email :  to register
* CHALLENGER: Challenge players above your level and get a 3-0 game lead and they get only one serve!!